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Customised prefabrication

“Time is money” - a worldly wisdom that has proven true every day especially in the construction industry. The sanitary, heating and air-conditioning installations in every construction project are again and again a time and logistics challenge, and not only for the architects and planners. The implementation onsite subsequently often poses considerable problems for the executing site manager. Neither the external conditions nor the time specifications permit dealing in detail with the construction of a demanding manifold.

Added to that are the high labour costs for the time spent and diverse problems right onsite that can usually only be solved by dedicating a lot of time to them. Moreover, the lack of skilled professionals has become significantly worse in recent years.

Prefabrication has an especially positive effect. The lack of skilled professionals is compensated. Work processes can be continued.Due to the diversity of today’s application capabilities in the plant engineering sector, there is hardly any chance of being able to cover the distribution of fluid media using standardised or modular manifold design. Every construction project has its own individual requirements. It is not only the type of medium, application areas, regulations and laws along with the architectural circumstances that influence the material and design of the pipeline system and its manifolds.

Whether new construction or reconstruction, heating, cooling, open or closed systems, aggressive media or drinking water and foodstuffs: we provide customised solutions Nowadays, special components are playing an ever-greater role due to more demanding and unusual construction projects. We have already furnished ring-shaped installations in buildings with cylindrical construction designs or storage tanks along as well as pyramids with extreme angles with our special fittings.