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aquatherm orange system

Developed 40 years ago as one of the first surface heating systems, it formed the basis for the company aquatherm. As a part of the rebranding „colours of innovation“ the product group aquatherm surface heating has been renamed to “aquatherm orange system”. Accordingly, the color of the heating pipes has been adjusted in orange.

New buildings – surface heating

More than three decades experience in the production and application of underfloor heating systems as well as the continuous development to achieve energy saving and efficient technology, make aquatherm one of the most experienced and globally successful manufacturers of underfloor heating. The performance of an underfloor heating system is mainly determined by the quality of the installed components:

  • insulation
  • insulation roll
  • aluminium foil
  • grid marked sheet
  • knob plate
  • element 25
  • heating pipe
  • PE-RT pipe
  • PB pipe
  • manifold technology
  • control technique

Old buildings – surface heating

With the development of the system element 25 aquatherm offers an all-purpose heating system for lowest construction thickness in the field of surface heating. It meets all requirements of old and new buildings – especially for refurbishments.

Whether in dry or wet construction, all requirements of an underfloor heating system can be complied with. The extruded system plate with pre-fabricated pipe channels is suitable for every floor plan and each room layout.


Lowest construction depth (e.g. 50mm with dry floor, 55mm with screed, 60mm with floating floor) due to low plate thickness. The aquatherm system element 25 is the ideal solution for all situations of laying. Interruptions in the progress of construction work is avoided.