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aquatherm blue pipe

Our specialty for distrib­uting cooling and heating in closed systems as well as in several industrial applications.

This system was developed 10 years ago in order to prevent corrosion in air conditioning pipes and quickly expanded its range of application, with many pos­itive features for other fields of piping installation. It has gone on to find success around the world in hotels, stadiums, schools, offices, and industrial applications.

The aquatherm blue  pipe system has been developed especially for applications outside the potable water installation. In addition to the general advantages of the PP-R pipesystem aquatherm blue pipe in comparison with the aquatherm green pipe system offers higher volumetric current values due to smaller wall thickness.

System components

The system has to be installed in combination with the aquatherm green pipe- fittings - and includes all elements for the pipe system installation for chilled, hot fluid and various industrial applications.

Fields of application:

 Field of application aquatherm
green pipe
blue pipe
red pipe
 Potable water application    
 Heating system construction -  
 Climate technology -  
 Chilled water technology -  
 Swimming- pool technology  
 Chemical transport due to high chemical resistances  
 Rainwater application -    
 Rainwater application -  
 Compressed air systems -  
 Under- floor- heating- systems -  
 Application in the field of ship building  
 District heating pipeline systems  
 Geothermal -  
 Sprinkle construction – fire resisting

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